European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Standing Group on Organised Crime

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The SGOC, in collaboration with the University of Sofia, The Centre for the Study of Democracy, and The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime, invites you to the third SGOC General Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This year’s theme is Dismembering Organised Crime: Identifying, Analysing and Countering.

Organised crime is part of everyday life. It surrounds us in different ways, but it is not uniquely a feature of poverty but also a characteristic of modern 21st century life. Organised crime connects and infiltrates all aspects of life, often without us even realising it. It devastates lives, neighbourhoods, local economies and distorts political life. The focus of the conference is the different the different manifestations of organised crime which exists today and the way we analyse, dissect, diagnose and examine it.

This conference seeks to be a geographical and intellectual space where international researchers, practitioners, NGOs think takes and policy-makers can collectively dismember organised crime together from its different levels, dimensions, aspects, heights. disciplines and countries. It seeks to encourage the presentation of cutting edge empirical research which intersects different disciplines and topics as well as a discussion around the most effective and efficient methodologies that can be used.