The MEDEA Network has been highly active in all Thematic Communities of Practitioners during the last year. It has organised workshops and webinars for an array of challenging topics, bringing together field practitioners, experts (both from within and outside the project), renowned academics, and researchers of pertinent subject matters.

To that effect, the MEDEA partners formulated operational scenarios, identified capability gaps, and proceeded to assess their findings through comprehensive THOR analyses.

Thematic Communities: Insights & Findings

Innovation Procurement for Security Practitioners

Benefits, Procedures, Tips

An innovation procurement (PCP-PPI) workshop was jointly organised by the MEDEA, iProcureNet, and CIVILnEXt projects on March 30th 2021, to present pertinent benefits for security practitioners, best practices and lessons learned. All sessions were recorded and disseminated, serving, thus, as training for innovation procurement processes.

The 5 videos from the webinar are freely available in the links below. Get a first idea and stay tuned for the launch of all 4 open calls.

Open Call to Academia and Industry

Τhe point of convergence between the work completed by the MEDEA members and the workshops are the Open Calls for ideas and information (one for every TCP) that are being issued through the website of the project. The Open Calls are addressed to Industry and Academia for the provision of solutions pertaining to the identified and assessed capability gaps, and will be followed by a RDI day where innovative solutions and best practices vis-à-vis the identified gaps, needs, and deficiencies will be presented.

The end goal of the RDI day is to facilitate exchange between stakeholders and solutions designers and/or providers so that an advanced array of products and solutions will come to fruition, improving thus the operational landscape for practitioners.

Get a first idea and stay tuned for the launch of all 4 open calls.

Next Steps

MEDEA has set its sights on the following areas:

Release a white paper on Terrorism outlining how possible future events can affect the security landscape in the Mediterranean and Black Sea (M&BS) region.

Utilise the Open Calls to outreach solution providers, academia, decision and policy makers. Exploit this opportunity to communicate practitioners needs to industry and simultaneously inform practitioners about future solutions.

Organise 4 Research Development and Innovation (RDI) days (1 per TCP) where industry will present solutions to fulfill the identified capability gaps. As noted, practitioners will convey their needs to security solution providers and policy makers.

Interactive Stakeholders Map

One of the upcoming changes that MEDEA is excited about, is our new and updated Interactive Stakeholders Map Dashboard, which will feature enhanced visualization of stakeholders with charts, statistics and other filtering capabilities, via TCP and 2 different types of stakeholders, all of this in a beautifully minimal, arcgis-powered background.

The map is now available to the public.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned with more updates from MEDEA network!

Remain informed about the network’s plans for upcoming surveys, webinars, workshops and many other updates.

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