RDI Days (TCP2)

We are pleased to invite you  to the MEDEA project’s Online Event that will take  place virtually on the 9th of March, 2022. MEDEA proposes an event that will gather security practitioners and solution providers in the field of Border Management and Surveillance.

As part of engaging with a critical mass of security practitioners, MEDEA responses to all security threats common to the Mediterranean and Black Sea region. MEDEA holds RDI Days for each Thematic Community of Practitioners (TCP) to allow new technologies in that area to be presented to practitioners. The idea is to give the floor to industries in order for them to present their technologies to fill gaps that certain projects/solution providers are trying to fill.

From the beginning of the project the TCP for “Border Management and Surveillance” (TCP2) has identified and documented several capability gaps. In the last three months, MEDEA consortium has launched an Open Call to Academia and Industry for Ideas and Solutions. During the Research, Development and Innovation Day, responders to the open call (security stakeholders, industries, academia, research organisations and SMEs) will be able to present pertinent solutions to MEDEA members and practitioners in high level of operational details.

9 March 2022






Join the event and be part of the discussions between security practitioners and solution providers on border management.