What is the ultimate goal?  The protection of citizens, society and economy as well as Europe's assets, infrastructures and services, its prosperity, political stability and well-being.

What is the main challenge? The market uptake.

Why we do security research? Besides producing knowledge, we need also to improve the work done by practitioners such as LEAs, first responders border guards etc.

 - Andrea De Candido, Head of Unit DG Migration and Home Affairs


In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, MEDEA resolved to provide reliable and consistent information updates that would be useful to all network practitioners.

All such updates were made available in the exclusive COVID-19 information page.

MEDEA Activities

The three-day event (29-31 October) welcomed around three hundred (300) attendees from across the EU in the premises of Fodele Beach resort. Innovative practices, methodologies and technologies were presented in the conference sessions, exposed in the exhibition area and demonstrated outdoor. Specific issues covering a wide range of security challenges and capabilities to address relevant risks and threats were discussed and solutions were debated in context of eight (8) focused workshops.

TCP Activities & Results


Interactions with other networks

EXERTER, Introduction of MEDEA Network of Practitioners

On April 8th EXERTER and MEDEA networks of practitioners (NoPs) co-organised a webinar to introduce the MEDEA consortium and its objectives. The concept of the Thematic communities of Practitioners was presented. Since MEDEA is a regional network formed from practitioners from different disciplines and with different operational priorities, the concept of community facilitates interactions between practitioners who have similar operational mandate and experienced the same security risks. The key findings from MEDEA will be documented in the Mediterranean Security Research and Innovation Agenda. Finally, the future MEDEA activities were presented to EXERTER while it was emphasized the consortium’s will to co-organise joint activities with other NoPs. 

Impact of COVID-19

There were planned workshops and activities which were cancelled because of Covid 19.


TCP2 THOR analysis workshop with FRONTEX

The second thematic community of practitioners identified a number of capabilities gaps which had processed and analysed. A joint workshop between members of the TCP2 and FRONETX officials was planned in the March 2020. Initially, the escalation in the EU and Turkey borders and then the COVID-19 outbreak postponed the workshop.


iProcureNet Advanced Procurement Conference, Lisbon, 9-11 March 2021

iProcureNet, ENCIRCLE, i-LEAD, ILEAnet, MEDEA and PEN-CP in the first day of the Advanced Procurement Conference (March 31) planned to discuss topics in procurement and seek answers to questions regarding the need of procurement, the use of innovative solutions for market uptake and how LEAs and other security practitioners can benefit from procurement. The event is postponed for 11 March 2021


DAREnet workshop in flash floods

MEDEA and DAREnet planned a joint workshop on Flash Floods on May 13th, a phenomenon of interest to TCP4 practitioners. Findings from the TaFF (Development of operational strategies and guidance on Tackling consequences of extreme rainfalls and Flash Floods TaFF) project who researched the topic will be used as a starting point to identify practitioners’ gaps. The plan was to involve representative from the Adriatic and Ionian Initiative dealing with Environment and Civil Protection to discuss the regional strategy and share policy recommendations with policy strategist for the Danube Region Priority Area 5.


Interschutz 2020

MEDEA, FIRE-IN, DAREnet, eNOTICE and NO-FEAR planned a common event in the context of Interschutz 2020 exhibition in June 2018. The joint event foresaw a common session with all 5 projects and then five parallel workshops. The aim of the MEDEA workshop was to examine with solution providers the available solutions to set up of temporary sheltering to host people and offer basic services. As a follow up activity of the Interschutz event, the five project’s coorganise just in time training webinar.

Upcoming Events

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