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MEDEA Solutions Demonstration II in Nîmes, France

Athens, Greece

The second part of the MEDEA Solutions Demonstration event successfully took place in Nîmes, France on November 7th, 2022. The event was organised by ENTENTE-VALABRE, and it was hosted at the SECOAS which is located at the Civil Security Air Base premises.

The aim of the event was successfully accomplished by bringing practitioners and policy makers together with industry stakeholders who offered significant operational solutions to improve population safety toward natural hazards.

In specific, many presentations concerning the thematic areas of “Natural Hazards and Technological Accidents (TCP4)”, focused on Wildfire at Urban Interface and Flash Flood, were held, triggering fruitful discussions and challenging questions. More than 50 attendees from across Europe, and a significant number of local practitioners such as fire fighters, joined the event and took the opportunity to raise concerns, exchange ideas, and elaborate on the identified needs.

After a warm welcoming and an introductory presentation from EPLFM, KEMEA took over and made an informative presentation of the MEDEA project and its main objectives. After that, the demonstration section was kicked off with VOST PT introducing their solution to the audience and engage with them during a live exercise using Twitter alerts. Then, Signalert demonstrated live their app requesting the participants to go through the app test its capabilities and generate content and information for specific incidents as instructed by the operators. Last but not least, Infalia presented their app showcasing its services, features and usability for incident of floods and extreme weather conditions.

The organisers captured some testimonials from all industry participants which are all available at this YouTube link.

Once again, MEDEA was delighted to welcome all these exceptional attendees! We wish to thank you all for your contribution. We are really looking forward to our next event!

Stay tuned for more similar activities of MEDEA, since the upcoming weeks are very promising.

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