MEDEA at Frontex’ meeting on Innovation Cell Border Checks in Saint-Malo, France

 George Kokkinis (KEMEA) Coordinator of MEDEA project, Enrique Cabello (FRONTEX) National Expert in Biometrics, Genny Dimitrakopoulou (KEMEA) Research Associate)

KEMEA, being the coordinator of the MEDEA project, was invited to attend Frontex’ meeting on Innovation Cell Border Checks in Saint-Malo, on December 7, 2022. The meeting pertained to traveller and border control flow facilitation for supporting the Entry-Exit System (EES) processes and was attended by Frontex officers and selected Horizon projects. MEDEA Coordinator Mr. George Kokkinis presented the capability gaps’ findings of the MEDEA project concerning border management, whereas Ms. Genny Dimitrakopoulou engaged with the panel in the subsequent Questions and Answers session, discussing the project’s outputs, multi-stakeholder workshops, and the multi-dimensional analysis of the detected gaps.