Press Release - MEDEA RDI Days Management of Migration Flows (TCP1)

MEDEA RDI Days TCP 1 Social Min Alt

The MEDEA Project, after launching an Open Call for Technology Solutions and Ideas, organised an RDI Day event, so that security stakeholders, industries and research organisations would have the opportunity to interact, present, and analyse technological solutions pertinent to the Management of Migration Flows.

The event took place virtually on May 3rd, 2022. More than 64 practitioners, solution providers, and security stakeholders  registered while  44 were present at peak time – 40 at all times.

In the first part of the event, after a presentation on the Technology Foresight on Biometrics for the Future of Travel by our invited guest, Mr. L. Rafaelle from Frontex, the ensuing solution presentations pertained to the Lawful Interception of Communications​, the Passive RF detection for Border Monitoring, Advancements in Fraudulent document detection​, the Use of Open-Source Intelligence for decision making​, and tools for predicting migration flows.

In the second part, an online poll with targeted questions was addressed to all practitioners, which also ignited conversation on the expectations on the part of practitioners in order to address their operational capability gaps and the corresponding tools to tackle these challenges. It was also underlined that it is of paramount importance to protect both borders and human rights and, although this seems like a challenge, this is something we can achieve through collaboration by all involved parts. All participants stated that they are willing to delve deeper in the discussion in future events.