Capability Gap

[2.CGF.25], [2.CGF.26], [2.CGF.27], [2.CGF.28]

Gaps in EO Service timeliness


2.CGF.25          Gaps on the satellite imagery acquisition side: Need for integrated solutions to deliver images in real-time manner (Technology). Need for short cut-off times (i.e., from request to satellite image acquisition).

2.CGF.26          Gaps on the analysis side: Need to standardise and automate IMINT extraction (Technology).

2.CGF.27          Gaps on the dissemination side: Need for system-to-system approaches to avoid red tape (Technology, Organisation).

2.CGF.28          Gaps on the organisation procedures: Need to modernise procedures and workflows to account for new technological developments, allowing system-to-system tasking, delivery and dissemination (Technology, Organisation).

- Operational Challenges

- Current description of operational capability

- Current Capabilities

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