Capability Gap


Insufficient technology adoption mechanisms


There are concerns about an “innovation emergency” across practitioners’ organisations from EU MS, the causes of which is related to limited or restricted adoption of technological solutions by them. The reasons that SOTA technology tools are not embraced by practitioners are: (1) The practitioners’ institution strategy is not aligned with technology roadmaps; (2) Practitioners organisations are not part of industry efforts to advance products and develop solutions; (3) Current practitioners needs and gap capabilities are not performed in a systematic and standardised manner; (4) No technology training is offered to practitioners; (5) Technology deployment plans require a change management approach (which is unpleasant by nature to practitioners); and last but not least an effective governance structure to advance the technology adoption by practitioners is associated with political will for transformation. The practitioners formulated with [2.CGF.17] that there is a mismatch between established procedures and capabilities enabled by innovative solutions. There are a number of research projects in security, however the research results are not yet considered by practitioners’ organisations.

  • Please note that this capability gap is also identified in TCP4 with 4.CGF.9

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