Capability Gap


Need for improving awareness of population toward natural hazards alerts


Apart from the need for an automated real time situational awareness, discussed under 4.CGF.13, and the need to disseminate scientific and technical flash flood information to the authorities, discussed under  4.CGF.11, it is also important to improve the general population awareness towards alerts for natural hazards. Attention needs to be paid on local population training on how to react responsibly when a natural hazard occurs. There is also a need for appropriate and reliable alerts on different means issued simultaneously. Flash flood alerts need to be region/local specific and include instructions on how to react. The filtering of information from the Social Media is also applicable in this CGF. 

This TCP4 Capability Gap Finding (CGF) relates with the TCP4 1st CGF (4.CGF.1: Inadequate Perception of Fire Risk and Lack of Risk Awareness in Wildland Urban Interface Areas).

Two types of solutions to improve population awareness towards natural hazard alerts were identified and discussed during the Flash Flood workshop. The first one concerns the need to develop efficient communication tools towards the general public in case of alerts for natural hazards. The application of reverse 112 emerges as a technological solution for this gap.

The second solution would cover the need for the transmission of reliable information via social media to the general public. Such information can reach this audience via authorised channels/sources. In this particular field, specific solutions need to be developed.

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