Participation to 2nd Policy-Research Dialogue Roundtable

jointly organized by DG HOME and DRIVER+

The MEDEA Network was present in the joint event organized by DG HOME and the Driver+ project with the aim to debate and generate ideas in line with the ongoing strategic planning process of the European Commission in view of the next research and innovation framework programme Horizon Europe.

First, Mr Andrea De Candido, Head of the “Innovation and Industry for Security” Unit of DG HOME, presented the key challenges in security innovation, underlining that research needs to be part of a wider process and thus, uptake of the research products needs to be guaranteed.

The close cooperation of all five actors: researchers, policy makers, practitioners, industry and citizens has characterized the goals of the entire talk. Mr De Candido has also discussed the capability-based approach EC follows to ensure that the upcoming Research and Innovation priorities meet the needs and gaps identified by the aforementioned stakeholders.

The current Roundtable comes to build upon the latter process, targeting towards generating inputs in relation to the priority ‘Disaster-resilient societies’ of the envisioned Horizon Europe cluster “Civil Security for Society”. More particularly, the event focused on the needs and requirements for an improved capability development process regarding climate-related risks (wildfires and floods) as well as CBRN-E.

The ultimate goal of disaster/crisis management of each of the hazards/threats was discussed and agreed, as well as against a timeline of 20 years, while a variety of enablers and barriers was analysed.


Sharing of data, common training, vision and coordination among actors, standardization for response and risk mapping and risk awareness, were among the agreed priorities of all participants.

Finally, the need for synergies between the Community of Users framework and the envisioned UCPM knowledge network has been emerged, as well as its positive impact to the development of projects that meet the actual societal and professional requirements. 

The MEDEA network wishes to thank Driver+ for the invitation to this interesting and useful initiative.

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