MEDEA participation in the Driver+ project Trial “The Netherlands”

In the framework of the implementation of the Driver+ project, which is funded by the 7th Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration, the Trial “The Netherlands” was organized by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Safety Region Haaglanden (SRH) in the Hague, Netherlands. The Trial was conducted as a tabletop Trial at the premises of SRH in The Hague from Tuesday 21st May 2019 to Thursday 23rd May 2019. MEDEA participated in the trial as an “Observer” and took notes on the actor’s interaction and response to the proposed solutions. During the Trial, relevant experience gained from the MEDEA project regarding the setting up and the evaluation of relevant scenarios was exploited and further disseminated.

The Trial focused on a flood scenario, according to which severe weather conditions caused the failure of the Scheveningen lock and flooded The Hague city centre. Cascade effects (incl. partial) loss of electricity, gas, drinking water, telecoms network and damage to critical infrastructures) were also considered. Actors involved were Crisis Management practitioners of different disciplines (fire service, police, health service, military defense, water utility, municipality), who had the role to apply and evaluate selected innovative technical solutions and their contribution to improve practitioners’ response to a severe flooding incident.


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