Impact of R&I policy at the crossroads of policy design, implementation and evaluation

Georgios Kolliarakis, German Council on Foreign Relations and member of the MEDEA Practitioners’ Network on emerging threats in the mediterranean region has commented on the crucial role of non-R&D actors, such as national security providers, in strengthening the knowledge transfer on the Science-Policy-Society interface. While actors with a hands-on task need to move outside their habitual zone of comfort, their knowledge is key for grounding R&D actions into the specific istitutional and organisational contexts in which they operate, and promote that the desirable uptake and sustainable impact of research. Vice versa, practitioners may well advise in an upstream manner policy makers, so that the mismatch between actual needs and focus of funding is bridged. This is exemplified by the launch of a new breed of multi-stakeholder networks, such as the Mediterranean practitioners’ network capacity building for effective response to emerging security challenges (2018-2013).