MSE - Mediterranean Security Event 2019

The idea of MSE event came out of the MEDEA Regional Network of security practitioners in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region aiming to strengthen the interaction among of all actors of security innovation and give opportunities to jointly discuss challenges and demonstrate capabilities. In cooperation with several on-going networks and a very large range of relative R&D projects MSE tries to establish a bottom-up way for bridging the gaps between science, policy and practice.

The three-day event (29-31 October) welcomed around three hundred (300) attendees from across the EU in the premises of Fodele Beach resort. Innovative practices, methodologies and technologies were presented in the conference sessions, exposed in the exhibition area and demonstrated outdoor. Specific issues covering a wide range of security challenges and capabilities to address relevant risks and threats were discussed and solutions were debated in context of eight (8) focused workshops.

Thirty-six (36) European R&D projects co-organised this joint initiative disseminating the results of their scientific work while fourteen (14) more security-related projects presented their objectives and achievements in the conference sessions of MSE2019. The event was officially supported by the DG HOME of the European Commission (EC), the Community of Users (CoU) of Security Research, the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) and the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS).

Policy makers representing EC services and European organizations including  DG Home, JRC, REA, Frontex, Satcen and ENISA set the tone of the Commision’s interest to ensure safe, secure and resilient societies in the EU. All these supporting entities got highly involved with their presentations, their insights during the panel discussions and with their presence in the workshops.

Approximately one in three participants represented security practitioners’ organizations. At the same time, seven (7) on-going Networks of Practitioners were represented in the event having the opportunity to interact directly with the attendees and to share information concerning their activity.

The audience mix fulfilled the main objective of the organizers which is to bring closer representatives from science, policy making and operational practice in the security sector and strengthen the synergy among the respective communities.

A dedicated area with thirty-six (36) exhibitors was set up to welcome the participants that wanted to have a closer look at the projects’ development, their tools, systems and outcomes, enhancing thus the networking actions and fostering collaborations.

The Mediterranean Security Event aims to remain the largest Security event, collaboratively organized by the community of Security R&D stakeholders in the European Union. The success of MSE2019 engages the Security R&D community to consider which way the momentum which has been created will be maintained in the future.

Some snapshots of the MSE2019  are already available on the twitter page of the event (@event_mse |#eventmse).

MEDEA is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework Programme, under grant agreement no 787111