Capability Gap

[2.CGF.29], [2.CGF.30], [2.CGF.31], [2.CGF.32], [2.CGF.33]

Insufficient EO Service quality


2.CGF.29          Gaps on the payloads and platform side: Need to improve the spatial resolution of satellite optical cameras and the area covered per observation (Technology).

2.CGF.30          Gaps on the endurance side: More persistent systems are required to enable longer endurance over border areas (Technology).

2.CGF.31          Gaps on the understanding of the observable features/events: Higher revisit capabilities are required (Technology).

2.CGF.32          Night observation capabilities from space are required, due to the fact that relevant activity usually takes place outside of current observation windows (Technology).

2.CGF.33          Better interaction between producer and user/requestor is required. Trust needs to be established to enable proper exchange of information, which will lead to more relevant and better-informed IMINT reports (Human, Organisation).

- Operational Challenges

- Current description of operational capability

- Current Capabilities

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