Capability Gap

[2.CGF.18] & [2.CGF.19]

Lack of early detection in difficult/challenging landscapes / weather conditions


  • Border security and surveillance at the EU outside borders is a 24×365 operation required to ensure EU MS security against a variety of threats. As such, reliable long-range threat detection and positive identification of potential threats at day and night, in all environment conditions across different landscape is needed. Whether Border Guard Authorities need to survey either green or blue borders, looking for people crossing the borders, or small boats sailing to shore, solutions are required to offer early warning and threat assessment needed so practitioners can respond efficiently and effectively. Early warning systems are required to timely detect potential threats which should then be identified, so that their threat level can be assessed. The time for early detection is determined by the time required by practitioners to reach the border first and deter the threat. Consequently, technology solutions to provide early detection in environments where it is difficult to survey are needed taking into account the landscape characteristics and the lack of power sources. This capability gap is identified as 2.CGF.18. Moreover, technology solutions to offer standard performance for a variety of weather conditions (same performance 24×365) is recorded in capability gap 2.CGF.19.

    • This capability gap is being complemented by cooperation between EU MS and third countries (2.CGF.2).

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