Capability Gap


Need for efficient and specific rescue plans in case of flash floods


During the prevention phase of the disaster management cycle for flash floods appropriate rescue plans need to be developed for every flash flood prone area and be in place so as to be exploited during the response phase. The rescue plans need to be generalized and at the same time detailed to a certain extent so as to be efficient. The preparation of guidelines and the development of a concrete methodology on how to create efficient rescue plans can also be particularly supportive.

Areas prone to floods are identified at Water District level in all EU countries, as foreseen in the EU Floods Directive 2007/60/EC. For these pre-identified areas and particularly for areas prone to flash floods (as derived from historical records and particular local features) rescue plans need to be developed. From a technological perspective, a gap that has been identified in this domain concerns the lack of simulation tools to update, validate and optimize such rescue plans.

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