Capability Gap


Need for robust & resilient communications means in case of natural hazards


The analysis of this gap revealed, the need to identify ways to better disseminate the outcomes weather forecasting and flood modelling to the authorities emerged. Considering the fact that that in both weather forecasting and flood modelling the probabilistic approach is typical, the dissemination of these outcomes, especially to those who are not familiar with this approach, needs to be performed in an appropriate way.

Moreover, stakeholders (practitioners, organisations from public and private sectors and local authorities) develop and implement prevention plans individually (if they deal with prevention measures). From this perspective, this TCP4 Capability Gap Finding (CGF) relates with the TCP4 2nd CGF (4.CGF.2: Lack of a Standardized and Interdisciplinary Methodology for Developing Wildland Urban Interface Prevention Plans).

- Operational Challenges

- Current description of operational capability

- Current Capabilities

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