Capability Gap

Lack of a common risk analysis process


The Common Integrated Risk Analysis Model (CIRAM) is a model that LEAs in Member states have to apply. It is regulatory by FRONTEX and mandatory for all Member States integrating all the aspects from border management. The monitoring and assessment are carried out by FRONTEX on a regular basis. Joint operations and rapid border interventions are preceded by a reliable risk analysis. Member States take the results of the risk analyses and integrate them to their operations and activities at the external borders and activities, including activities at the external borders, including returns. FRONTEX also produces yearly a vulnerability assessment to assess the readiness of Member States to assess threat and new challenges. Using this vulnerability assessment, FRONTEX recommends specific actions to mitigate those vulnerabilities. However, the need of new enhanced guidelines, effective processes and risk assessment are emphasized, as based on the new FRONTEX regulation. The EU together with the Member States are working to develop more focused and tailor-made capability roadmaps and capability planning.

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