Coronavirus Global Response Relay

(May 7, 2020)

On 4 May the European Union and its partners successfully kicked off the Coronavirus Global Response pledging event, an unparalleled effort to tackle this pandemic through global cooperation. Together they mobilised EUR 7.4 billion, including a significant contribution of EUR 1 billion mobilised by Horizon 2020.

Countries pledge new support to Gavi

Norway, Italy, Japan, Spain, Ireland and Finland, as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, commit new funding to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
The funding will help immunise 300 million children over the next five years, saving up to 8 million lives, as well as support universal access to COVID-19 vaccines.

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Coronavirus Global Response: 1 billion euro mobilised under H2020

The global response: Working together to help the world get better

“Chance favours the prepared mind”. This was the mantra of Louis Pasteur, one of the world’s greatest scientists and a mastermind behind vaccines and breakthroughs which have saved millions of lives spanning three centuries.

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DG Research and Innovation has played a pivotal role in mobilising, connecting and funding researchers, innovators and healthcare providers across Europe and beyond. The video ‘United against Coronavirus’ shows the latest developments and results of EU research and innovation in the fight against coronavirus.

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