Press release - MEDEA participation in the RANGER project

Final Demonstration And Workshop ​

The MEDEA and RANGER projects agreed to extend their collaboration. Following the co-organization of the workshop of the “Joint workshop on maritime border security” that took place on October 30, 2019, in Crete. It was decided that MEDEA members would participate in RANGER’s final demonstration.

On November 19, 2019 the participants discussed the challenges they had to overcome to meet the operational requirements of their user community, with the developing teams of the RANGER project. Pilot scenarios were performed to demonstrate the capabilities of the system. Then a tour around the Over The Horizon (OTH) and the Photonic Enhanced MIMO (PE-MIMO) radar installations took place. Finally, conclusions and lessons learned were shared among all participants.

The day after, on November 20, 2019, RANGER’s Final Workshop took place. The event was hosted in the premises of Hellenic’s Air Force 115 Combat Wing at Souda Akrotiri (Chania). The results of the innovative surveillance platform which combine SOTA Radar technologies and interfaced Early Warning solutions in order to track, detect, recognize and identify vessels far beyond existing legacy solution were presented.  In the aftermath of the presentation’s participants interacted with members of the RANGER project and asked questions. MEDEA coordinator presented the objectives of MEDEA practitioner’s networks and pinpointed the added value of practitioners’ networks in identifying capabilities gaps and assist with the formulation of the future Security Research and Innovation Agenda.

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